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Jolt Your Sluggish Company Back to Its Entrepreneurial Past: Three types of Intrapreneurial programs you can start today

Large companies have long realized that they don’t innovate – their employees innovate.    At most companies though, the usual bureaucracy gets in the way of allowing employees to emancipate their entrepreneurial drive.   A few companies have swayed their Pessimistic Patty managers to simply get out of the way, and that in itself is a huge improvement.  But the boldest companies

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The world’s most creative business model strikes again

The Venture Creator business model has just received significant market validation.   The arguable leaders in this space, Boston’s PureTech Ventures & Allied Minds recently raised approximately $200 Million each through their respective IPO’s on the London Stock Exchange.   Both companies continue to grow their impressive portfolio of big bets through their value-creation formula of spotting opportunities traditional VC’s seem to

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The world’s most creative business model

Venture Capitalists are nowadays preaching to startups – come up with a creative business model – your product or technology is insufficient for you to win in the market place – it’s the supporting system, stupid! Fair enough, but has anyone questioned the current ‘VC-gives-money-to-startup’ business model (and paltry returns)?   Is there another way to create value?   Turns out, there

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