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The one thing large companies must absolutely have before adopting Lean Startup thinking

The new management fad is here: Teaching large companies to adopt Lean Startup thinking (Yes, I’m guilty as charged myself).   But this is already off to a bad start if it is simply a hammer hitting another nail. The Classic Lean The two previous instantiations of Lean Thinking were certainly the right tool for the job.  First applied to manufacturing, ‘classic’

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Innovation Competitions. Innovation as Sport

My name is Ricardo dos Santos and I’m an Innovation Competition-holic.   Let me get started with what I mean by Innovation Competitions (you can also check out this presentation I uploaded on slideshare). My Definition of Innovation Competitions In this context, I  use the term Innovation Competitions interchangeably with Inducement Prize Contests – these are distinctly different from recognition prizes in

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Yes you CAN sell ice to Eskimos – Part III: Our Advanced Needs

This three part blog series introduces a novel classification of innate user needs, aka ‘the basic ways we fight for happiness and progress (through consumption)’.  Part I of the blog recapped the well known concept that market segmentation is not about demographics, but about seizing an unoccupied space in the mind and heart of the consumer.   Part II of the

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