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Quirky is dead. Long live Quirky!

As you may have heard, crowd-sourced product developer Quirky has filed for bankruptcy, claiming its business model had scalability challenges (code word for losing money).   Quirky did achieve success by some measures, including $185 Million raised, over 400 products launched, over $100 Million in revenue, a connected-home spin-off (Wink) and several corporate partnerships with the likes of GE, Mattel and

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Three ways to innovate ‘with’ startups

Corporations have begun to adopt innovation methods and principles they observe in startups (having long forgotten their own entrepreneurial roots).   For example, GE’s FastWorks program is modeled upon Eric Ries’s Lean Startup philosophy, aiming to radically transform the way the 122+ year old company introduces new products and services to market.   GE deserves credit for its widespread approach to encouraging

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Strategy is never out of style. My take on Disruptive Innovation

If you love entrepreneurship, you’ve also gotta love or at least appreciate strategy.  Every winning business venture is founded on solid strategy (whether or not the entrepreneur actually knows it or not, which is sort of ironic).  But for us innovation management practitioners, the goal is to demystify the innovation ‘black box’ and notice the underlying patterns that lead to

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