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Yes you CAN sell ice to Eskimos – Part III: Our Advanced Needs

This three part blog series introduces a novel classification of innate user needs, aka ‘the basic ways we fight for happiness and progress (through consumption)’.  Part I of the blog recapped the well known concept that market segmentation is not about demographics, but about seizing an unoccupied space in the mind and heart of the consumer.   Part II of the

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Thinking Design

In his book “Design-Driven Innovation.  Changing the rules of competition by radically innovating what things mean” author Roberto Verganti argues that truly ground-breaking innovation happens when leaders propose a new vision to the market that is made possible by a new technology, but most importantly, how it changes the underlying meaning (or the ‘why?’) of a certain activity.   He

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Think Molecule, Not Atom

When formulating a new venture, consider the bond between invention and business model discipline – aka, Innovation.  The birth of the Ford Motor Company story serves as a prime example. How many of you have ever heard of James Couzens?  Without James Couzens, you probably would not have heard of Henry Ford.   James Couzens completed Henry Ford. Ford, the visionary

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