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Three ways to innovate ‘with’ startups

Corporations have begun to adopt innovation methods and principles they observe in startups (having long forgotten their own entrepreneurial roots).   For example, GE’s FastWorks program is modeled upon Eric Ries’s Lean Startup philosophy, aiming to radically transform the way the 122+ year old company introduces new products and services to market.   GE deserves credit for its widespread approach to encouraging

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Mind the Gap. The In-Between Disruptive Innovation Strategy

When John Osher, a serial entrepreneur, was looking to expand his SpinPop Lollypop business, he went ‘prospecting’ with his team.  They paced up and down supermarket aisles looking for gaps in product categories where they could apply their core technology, a small electric motor that would cause a consumer product to spin. During one of their prospecting missions, they noticed

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