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SnapBizz: A Story of intrapreneurship turning into entrepreneurship

I recently caught up with SnapBizz co-founder, Yash Prakash to hear his amazing story of transitioning an idea originating in a corporation to a thriving startup. The promising beginning When Qualcomm started its VentureFest intra-preneurship program back in 2006 (now called ImpaQt), it unlocked the floodgates of leadership, creativity and innovation from unexpected places and people.   While running the program, I

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Grow the Pie

The unofficial economy, aka the parallel economy, second economy, informal economy, shadow economy, side-walk economy, etc. often provides heart warming stories of survival at the BoP, but nothing to be proud of.   93% of India’s jobs!  40% of Mexico’s and Brazil’s GDP!  In extreme cases like Benin, 95% of jobs and 50-60% of GDP!  Europe is not immune – wondered

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