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Quirky is dead. Long live Quirky!

As you may have heard, crowd-sourced product developer Quirky has filed for bankruptcy, claiming its business model had scalability challenges (code word for losing money).   Quirky did achieve success by some measures, including $185 Million raised, over 400 products launched, over $100 Million in revenue, a connected-home spin-off (Wink) and several corporate partnerships with the likes of GE, Mattel and

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Inhibitors to Entrepreneurship behavior at large companies (Part I)

Companies realize that they don’t innovate – their employees innovate.  Companies are thus earnestly preaching: ‘Innovation is everyone’s job”!  While the employees themselves want to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, they face five major structural inhibitors in attempting to do so (that only the most gifted, networked and experienced corporate entrepreneurs can overcome – unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them

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