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Innovation jargon for cocktail parties – time to sound smart

Back in 1999, minty-fresh from my Sloan MBA and stint at the Boston Consulting Group, I thought I knew all there was to know about ‘survival’ business jargon.  This namely consisted of what I called the ‘big eight’ buzzwords:  The first four related to top-line growth, namely:  Strategy, Competitive Advantage, M&A (when you have no competitive advantage but you have

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Magic vs. Logic in Entrepreneurship

I’m often asked the question “What is more important to corporate innovation or external financial investors – an idea that’s Magical (appeals to their creative or emotional side) or an idea that’s Logical (appeals to their critical reasoning, rational side)”? It reminds me of the question posed by Niccolo Machievelli in ‘The Prince’:  Is it better for a ruler to

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