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What happened to Blackberry?

What happened to Blackberry? Case of…”you panic, you copy, you die”  – Understand why people buy our product before you copy someone else’s – The smartphone went to the consumer mainstream – consumers didn’t want productivity, they wanted ‘superpowers’, aka Apps and ‘aspirational’ design – doesn’t mean you abandon your corporate base nor refuse to change your business model to

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Mind the Gap. The In-Between Disruptive Innovation Strategy

When John Osher, a serial entrepreneur, was looking to expand his SpinPop Lollypop business, he went ‘prospecting’ with his team.  They paced up and down supermarket aisles looking for gaps in product categories where they could apply their core technology, a small electric motor that would cause a consumer product to spin. During one of their prospecting missions, they noticed

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Strategy is never out of style. My take on Disruptive Innovation

If you love entrepreneurship, you’ve also gotta love or at least appreciate strategy.  Every winning business venture is founded on solid strategy (whether or not the entrepreneur actually knows it or not, which is sort of ironic).  But for us innovation management practitioners, the goal is to demystify the innovation ‘black box’ and notice the underlying patterns that lead to

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